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Welcome to the Collector’s Corner, a forum for exchanging information and points of view about our wines, our winemaking and vineyard activities, and our wines at auction.

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All puckered Up! Acidity in Wine

Have you ever sat down on a sweltering day to sip a refreshing glass of acid? Few things sound less appetizing, but acidity is an important and distinctive component of wine. Too little of the naturally occurring acidity in wine grapes, and Chardonnay tastes "flabby" and dull, while Sauvignon Blanc tastes like a flat soda, and Cabernet Sauvignon tastes like soap. Too much acidity, and wine tastes sour, excessively tart or harsh. Proper levels of acidity give wine its zing, its zip, its crisp character, its food-friendliness, and its age worthiness.

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